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2nd President Mita Sheth's Farewell Note

"Leading our Innerwheel Club, in its second year, was both a rewarding as well as a challenging experience for me. One of the best things about it was that it offered me an opportunity to help people and in the process I learnt how each and everyone can make a difference when we come together as a team. And also what a wonderful platform the Inner Wheel offers us, to do some meaningful work for society, that too by involving friends and thoroughly enjoying it.

That said however, the year was enjoyable because I got the opportunity to meet and mingle with a wide range of people. For someone like me who loves interesting conversations, it was an awesome opportunity to share ideas with many interesting people at the District, National as well as the International level. We shared stories from their careers and lives that I was able to learn from and thus evolve as a person.

What I will take back with me from my Presidentship is the realization that there is so much one can ACTUALLY go out there and do for others, to change the world myself rather than just waiting for someone else to take on the responsibility. My team and I were totally driven to achieve our goals in implementing our projects such that we could benefit the maximum number of people. With the wholehearted support of our members, we did exactly that. We have launched this very website earlier this year, which will go a long way in documenting all our projects and activities for future references. Other than that the website also gives us more visibility, fetching us widespread appreciation.

The icing on the cake was bagging four awards for our club !

I look forward to a new year with a very capable and enthusiastic team helmed by President Nimisha Mirani."


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