Committee | 2014-2015

4th President Rajni Barasia's Farewell Note

"Winner of 8 Awards in the District for Best President, Best I.S.O., Best Treasurer, Best Bulletin, Best Sister Club, Zonal coordinator Appreciation Award, Special Recognition Award for Maximum tree Plantation and Sponsorship of Be Alert books and Be Alert seminars.

Wow! this long, fulfilling year has come to an end. A tumultuous year of ups and downs, more ups than downs, of responsibility, of excitement and of new beginnings. I started the year nervous as to how I would manage being the President of Inner Wheel, Community Director of Rotary and a new mother-in-law, but this year has left me with an abundance of everlasting memories.

IWCBB maintained an average pace of one project every alternate day, totalling around 150 projects and have touched around 1 lakh lives this year. We actively participated in the District Assembly, Rally, Conference and Zonal seminars. We had a super successful annual fund raiser Prayaas, along with rocking fellowships at Tilt All Day, 212, Hard Rock Cafe, Alibaug and Smokehouse Deli. We had a very sweet camaraderieship with our sister clubs, and released 3 bulletins this year.

We publicized Innerwheel with outdoor advertising for Prayaas, on the web with our website and Facebook page, and most importantly, on Innerwheel umbrellas which not only advertised IWCBB but also provided protection from the sun and rain to local vendors in our area.

With the unflinching support of members and a lot of determination, I can proudly say that Bayview has emerged a winner, scaled new heights and received some well deserved recognition. The awards Bayview has received this year, and the lives it has touched, has not only made any and all trouble so worthwhile, but has also made our journey colorful and memorable.

Personally, the entire experience has made me a more bold, mature and confident individual. I feel blessed and grateful for being provided with such an opportunity. Like the wise ones say, you don't need to have everything figured out, learning is indeed part of the process. It is an experience that will not only influence the people we have reached out to, but will also influence my future journey through life."

Executive Committee Office Bearers

"As the President of Inner Wheel for the year 2014-2015, I aim to integrate all members of the club in achieving new heights, and meeting the high expectations set for us, by taking on beneficial and life-changing projects. My strength lies in my capable team, supporting and motivating me while having full confidence in my abilities. I hope to make this a memorable year for each one of our ladies."

Charter President Archana's strength lies in her perseverance at overcoming life's challenging situations.

"IWCBB has made its mark at the District level in these past 3 years. My focus this year will be on tighter integration of members, by involving every member in fellowships and projects, thus reducing the number of members leaving."

Creative Designer
Birthday: 18-October
Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 26

+91 98212 11766

Shivabhakta Adivasi School, Badlapur

"As this year's Secretary of Inner Wheel, I aim to assist the team in any which way required. I believe in this team and hope that together we can achieve all that we hope to achieve. I am extremely excited to be part of community projects and at the same time help organize some great fellowships to increase bonding and integration of all members."

"I have learnt that knowledge can never be enough and you can never stop learning. The quest to explore life and what it offers to me has made me stumble towards Inner Wheel. IWCBB has been the best chapter in my life. I found friends who I know will be there for this lifetime with me. I found a sense of duty towards humanity and also the most important of all I found ME."

An educationist since 21 years, Mitali first became involved with Inner Wheel as a Club Correspondent.

"My involvement with Inner Wheel has been an enriching experience and I'm glad to be a part of the team this year too. I am looking forward to taking the club to the next level, as an ISO under the able guidance of President Rajni."

"This year I am extremely excited to be working as the Club Correspondent for Inner Wheel. I know that our president, Rajni's forte is community service and this is the field that interests me the most. So I hope to contribute my best to serving as many underprivileged people as possible. I want every member of the club to participate in these events and help make a difference in people's lives."

Executive Committee Members

"As the executive committee member for the community projects, wants to do as many projects as possible for the distressed and needy people. I will help and support the board in whichever way I can."

"I hope to contribute significantly to Inner Wheel in the upcoming year 2014-2015. I am interested in doing some great community service projects and hope that with this team I can participate and contribute to a diverse range of projects, that help the most number of people."

"I will continue to put in my best efforts and also contribute to the Club through my time and money. I hope we can exceed the good work done by the earlier teams for the underprivileged, and that we win district awards even this year!!"

"As the executive committee member, know that as our innerwheel club grows bigger and better we will do better work towards humanity and society. I hope to achieve the true spirit of Innerwheel which is service above self!"

Charter member Tejal believes in judging each day by the seeds planted, not the harvest reaped. She wants to be the rainbow in someone's cloud.

"Projects like Wakdi and educating street kids help fulfill my dream of giving back to society. This year I wish to join hands with Rajni and our new team, to Light the Path and serve the poor, the underprivileged and the needy."

"As an Executive Committee Member for Inner Wheel 2014-2015 I am super excited for this coming year. My forte lies in arranging and coordinating to hosting rocking fellowships and that's how I hope to complement the team that already has people who excel in community service. I am sure this year will be a great combination of doing good work while enjoying ourselves to the fullest."

Theme for the Year
"Together we can..
..together we will...


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