Meetings & Fellowships | 2014-2015

Apr '14: Training for new Office Bearers

10th and 11th April, 2014 were training days at the Saj Resort, Mahabaleshwar, for all the incoming office bearers - president, secretary, treasurer, ISO and CC. The Mashal Institute conducted the sessions. This all women's outing was filled with information and interaction while the icing on the cake was fun filled, interactive games that promoted relaxation and entertainment.

It was a great opportunity for all us ladies to nurture our commitment while bond with everyone on this overnight stay. Rajni Barasia, Sheetal Vidhani, Anuja Shah, Hemangi Shah and Zonal Coordinator Mita Sheth attended this event.

19th Jun, '14: District Assembly - MANZIL

The District Assembly, Manzil, was held on 19th June, 2014 at Manek Sabhagraha, Bandra. Sixteen members from our club participated in this joint installation. It was an event to be remembered. Incoming presidents were wearing vibrant green colour, accompanied by outgoing presidents in orange. This official event entailed installation of all incoming presidents, book launch of BE ALERT sponsored by IWBB, address of incoming District Chairman, Himadri Nanavati, and some camaraderie.

The highlight for Bombay Bayview was when the district awards were announced. For 30 minutes, all IWCBB members had butterflies in their stomachs, when finally Bombay Bayview was crowned the Best All Rounder Inner Wheel Club.

27th July, '14: Club Celebrations & GBM

The Club Celebration was held on 27th July, 2014 at Tilt All Day, Kamla Mills. We were privileged to have the company of District Vice Chairman Dr Sandhya Bhat Nayak and District Secretary Falguni Mehta.

Dr. Sandhya shared a very insightful experience from her work with a terminally ill old lady. She encouraged us to not only donate money (which is no doubt one of the important aspects of helping the less privileged in society), but to also give our time and energies to the fullest, in order to experience the satisfaction and growth of oneself!

This was also our first GBM of the year, during which our first newsletter - "Bayview Buzz" - was released by District Vice Chairman Dr. Sandhya. New members were inducted and all members were given pen drives with the club bye laws, an e-roster with small medleys and a copy of the IWCBB sponsored District initiative - a medical awareness handbook titled "Be Alert".

1st August '14: Zone 1 Seminar

"DONT PAUSE AT MENOPAUSE" was the title of this zonal seminar, held over lunch, at the Bombay Cricket Association (BCA). This seminar was conducted by women's health expert since 25 years, Dr. Snigdha Mehta. Her presentation covered the four major problems women face at menopause, and how they can be managed so as to minimize the negative impact of these issues on our own lives.

That the simplest and most effective remedy is fitness and exercise should come as no surprise to anyone! So of course, a fitness test was conducted on all the participants and Bombay Bayview, as is its tradition, won 3 awards in 2 categories - Rajni Barasia and Manisha Shah were declared Fitness Princesses while Roopali Sampat won a Fitness Queen sash!

13th August '14: GBM and Sindhara Fellowship with Bombay South

The joint fellowship of Sindhara with our sister club was a super hit! And not just with the Bombay South members but with our own Bombay Bayview members too!

20 Bombay South members were in attendance, along with 39 of our own members. Bombay South members were delighted with the arrangements and the event overall. They told us that being senior citizens it was difficult for them to organise such events on a regular basis, and requested us to organise many more such joint fellowships, and that they would surely attend in larger numbers.

We started with our GBM, which was followed by dance performances by members as well as President Rajni's daughter and daughter-in-law. After this we all celebrated new member's birthday, and sat down to apply mehendi. The chaat party and mehendi application continued for the rest of evening. It was a well attended and enjoyable fellowship. It was a pleasure to spend the evening with Bombay South!

5th Sept '14: Official Club Visit (OCV)

Our District Chairman, Himadri Nanavati, visited our club for the Offocial Club Visit on 5th September. She had an in-depth look at all of our work, and really appreciated the kind of Fellowships and more importantly, the range of social projects that we, here at Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview, have undertaken and successfully executed. She was of the opinion that we all are extremely lucky to belong this very "vibrant" club! High praise indeed, coming from our DC!

16th Sept '14: District Rally

The District Rally was an active funfilled evert, with Power Yoga, Spanish dancing as well as some really good singing! The exercise round turned out great for IWCBB as we won the 1st place award for Power Yoga. Charu, Mallika, Meghna, Nayna, Preyal, Roopali, Sneha Poddar and I represented IWCBB. Thanks to all the members for taking time out of their busy schedules to practise their brilliant performances. This year's District Rally was a treat to watch!

9th November '14: Sevarpan, Zonal Felicitation & Seminar

The West Zone Felicitation and Seminar was hosted in Ajmer. An excellent performance by IWC Deonar, social message banners by IWC Bombay Midwest and their song performace for Zone II were the highlights of the event.

Inner Wheel District 314 had the largest number of participants, and our District's contributions to the event was immensely appreciated by the other Districts.

22nd/23rd November '14: Overnight picnic @ Outpost, Alibaug

Thinking about drawing up resolutions to be taken on New Year's Day brings to mind IWCBB's customary 'One Night Stand' (ONS) - the overnight picnic! Publicized as '24 hours of all girls fun', away from demanding jobs, nagging families and exhaustive households, these ONSs are planned to encourage the singles club to flirt with irresponsibility and abnormality - tents pitched in the jungles on the coldest night of the year, and swimwear inside a conference room in the monsoons!

Our most recent all-girls' encounter in Alibaug. The visionary 'committee' preempted the 1000-week screening of DDLJ and spoofed the celebration. The afternoon was termed 'Raj and Simran' where a scrawny substitute for Shah Rukh crooned away and took on 15 thumping wannabe Simrans who were all vying for the title. A mineral water drenched and slightly over 40 Kajol on one side contended against Amrish Puri with an undone dhoti. One wondered, was DDLJ really a rom-com or was it a boisterous Bollywood no-brainer?

With an itinerary that would have shamed Nita Ambani, the committee was ready with the next action thriller even before Kajol offered 'Milk and Cookies'. The hot-bods now moved onto the pool-side. They threw water balloons at each other instead of passing them in between their legs. They flung buckets of water instead of collecting water in bottles. You only heard shrieks, saw water splashing, women running and getting wet!

Now, with nails chipped and blow-dried hair ruined, the energetic army (what else do you call them?) withdrew to refurbish. The very intimate group was to play a Masquerade game. Really! Here high spirits overflowed and nonsensical behavior took charge. The middle-aged lot decided to play 'pin the tail on the pig'. With the spirits acting up the pig soon looked like Hritik Roshan and it was pure entertainment watching the classy blindfolded ladies in gowns manage this silly feat.


20th December '14: GBM & Family Fellowship

For our annual Family Fellowship, Aamir Khan's much awaited movie, PK, at Inox cinema, was the perfect venue and activity. IWCBB members, accompanied by spouses and children, enjoyed On 20th December we did the movie fellowship PK with the spouses at Inox. In keeping with the times, we had our GBM via electronic communication.

6th January '15: Mahek @ Leela Kempinski

2015 started with our District Conference, Mahek. Held at The Leela Kempinski on 6th of January, it had the District Chairman showcasing the best projects by all the 65 clubs of Innerwheel District 314.

11th February '15: Darpan - 60 years of Inner Wheel in India

60 glorious years of Inner Wheel in India was celebrated on 11th February in Delhi at the Country Inn Suites. Members from all over India, Sri Lanka and even South East Asia attended this gala event. Bombay Bayview member, one of our past presidents and current Zonal Coordinator Mita Sheth represented our club, and exchanged flags with guest clubs from other districts all over India.

The most exciting news was IWCBB member Poonam Mashru winning 2nd prize in the competition for the Darpan Souvenir. Congratulations Poonam!! You make us proud - not just for winning, but for touching our hearts with your words. Read her complete winning essay by clicking here.

19th February '15: Happiness Program & GBM

The Innerwheel Club of Bombay Bayview held their 7th GBM cum fellowship on 19th February at Hardrock Cafe, Mumbai. Core committee members of the club presented their individual reports to all members assembled there.

After that, we conducted the Happiness Program, where our distinguished guest speaker was Shweta Vyas (a representative of The Art of Living Foundation) spoke about the importance of yoga, pranayam and meditation; and how these can help bring about peace of mind despite our stressful city lifestyles, and bring about a positive change in our attitude towards life.

We all learnt a lot from Shweta Vyas's speech and once the Happiness Program was concluded, Rashmi Jalan spoke to us about the importance of organ donation, motivating us to register our pledges to do so.

9th March '15: Women's Day Celebrations & GBM @ 212

IWCBB held its GBM in conjuction with our Women's Day Fellowship. The core committee members of the club gave their reports, and then we pinned our 75th member, newly wedded Mohini Mane.

After the GBM the ground was open for game organisers Mita and Meena from our club and Dhruma from Hanging Garden. Both the club members bonded so well that it was difficult to differentiate the clubs they were from. Co-presidents were amazed with the dhamaal that went on the rest of the evening, saying it was something new they were witnessing that day! Free flowing drinks and ample mouth watering food accompanied all the shenanigans, so all in all, a fantabulous party in true Bayview style!!

5th April '15: Charter Day Anniversary - Sundowner with Spouses

We celebrated our Charter Day Anniversary in conjunction with a Fellowship that has become a part of the IWCBB traditional - an evening of members with spouses.

18th June '15: BLOSSOM - District Assembly

IWCBB swept up 8 awards at Blossom - the last District Assembly for this year! Best President, Best I.S.O. (Mitali Maniar), Best Treasurer (Smeeta Jhunjhunwalla), Best Bulletin (Anuja Shah, Anuja Sarai and Mitali Maniar), Best Sister Club, a Special Recognition Award for Maximum Tree Plantation and one for our Sponsorship of Be Alert books and Be Alert seminars, and last but not least, Zonal Coordinator Appreciation Award for IWCBB member Mita Sheth.

A heartfelt "Thank You" goes out to the Executive Committee as well as the entire club - this would not have been possible without your support and contributions.

18th June '15: AGM Fellowship and Celebration

Right after the District Assembly, IWCBB had their last meeting of the year - the Annual General Body meeting. Year end reports and accounts were presented, followed by a celebratory bash to mark the 8 awards won at the District level.

Theme for the Year
Together we can..
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