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5th President Meena Mehra's Farewell Note

A year back, I looked to the year ahead some apprehension, nervousness and a lot of faith in the support from all of you. And as they say good time flies by, and indeed it has. Now looking back I am so contend with all the fellowships and humanitarian programs. It was the one of the most memorable years of my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart to be a beautiful part of it.

I hope that the causes we took will have a deep and meaningful impact on the society and its well being. As you are aware we contributed generously to District Medical, Old Age home which happens to be an ongoing project. It is fun to have Friday movie dates with senior citizens. We inner wheel members always extend help like in cases of Nepal and Chennai Flood. We also provide Friday breakfast to Tata Cancer institute and gave domestic animals Under Rural project.

The inner wheel is a very environmental conscious organization. The Jiv Daya project was very gratifying as it helped the street dogs and other animals to find shelter. Also adopting a garden was a conscious effort to help restore nature. Education is also our concern hence we provided education to one child under Asha Kiran Project and, even internationally we helped renovate a school in Sri Lanka. We also donated necessities to District Literacy School. The Drwaing conpetion for NGO kids on independence day was a fresher for me.

My personal favorite is the CC event, Spirit 2016, where we all cheered for special children participating in various sports. It every form of the world it celebrated the "unique" spirit of mankind. It was recognized and marveled globally.

We also had some fun filled fellowships with Goa, treasure hunt, ladies night out and the dancing charter night. The joint fellowship with nariman point club n hanging garden club at smaaash and the antakshari are engraved in my fondest memories.

I am deeply grateful to my core team which was indeed the backbone this whole time. Thank you Meeta Sheth, my dear VP for your immaculate organizing skills. Thank you Anuja Shah the secretary for always being on your toes and getting the work done. Thank you treasurer Mamta Kapadia for taking this huge responsibility of safekeeping money. Very few women can do it. Thank you Mitali Maniar, I.S.O for your tremendous hospitality. Thank you my CC Smita Jhunjhunwala for handling events so well.

And of course my reliable team Charu Shah, Sheetal, Rajni, Sonia, Hemangi and Manisha Shah for contributing to each and every event so graciously. Without all of you this year wouldn't have been possible.

I will miss one of the most beautiful reasons to wake up every morning and sleep peacefully in the night telling myself that - YES today I did something worthwhile. The journey has been marvelous and I am going to tuck it in my heart and reminiscence it as a reason to smile.

Theme for the Year
"Unique & United"


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