Meetings & Fellowships | 2015-2016

1st July 2015: Installation

We began year 5 in Inner Wheel with a "punch". When all the fingers of the hand join together then the effects are long lasting. Our first get together of the year, was the Installation of President Meena Mehra. A classy affair hosted by her at the Onyx, Intercontinental Hotel, Marine Drive, the event was blessed by Chief Guest, District Chairman Dr. Sandhya Bhat, District Vice Chairman Falguni Mehta, District ISO Dr. Devangi Vakharia and PDC Indira Kotak.

Zonal Coordinators and Presidents of Zone 1 expressed their support by turning out in full force to wish the newly installed President. The Unique and United moment was the display of the color spectrum by the members. They got together in groups of five, matching colors and showing their acceptance of the Unique and United theme.

The 43 members present welcomed their President and her entertaining presentation with applause. Later they were seen relishing the Punjabi spread on the buffet and were all smiles at receiving the Chocolate Mirror giveaways, another indulgence by President Meena.

Well, where there is a Punjabi kudi, dal makhani aur paranthe, toh party toh rock shock honi hi hai yaaron.

22nd July 2015: Fireside Fellowship

Held at Malabar Hill Club, the Fireside Fellowship had 21 attendees. New members were introduced and President Meena Mehra addressed the assembled members.

31st July to 2nd Aug 2015: GO GO GOAAAAA

Greetings to all the rock-stars and Ms. Congeniality!! You'll made it girls! There was a great show-up at Goa. Everyone was in their super best form. A lot of fashion, singing and dancing talent got showcased, to the extent that even clouds started dancing and pouring droplets of love!

With your support and energy our General Body Meeting was well attended. We are happy that we make a multi-talented family that balances their work, life, civic duties & play so brilliantly. Three cheers to all. Stay like this forever!

3rd September 2015: Fasterchef

September 3rd saw the best of culinary skills from the IWCBB ladies on full display!! FASTERCHEF is the joint cook-off by Bayview, Nariman Point and Hanging Garden which saw a total of 40 contestants - 12 each from the organising clubs and 4 from Bombay Harbour. All participants were divided into 10 teams.

The first round was the Mystery Box challenge where all the participating teams were made to cook with the ingredients provided in the Box. We saw some wonderful mouth watering cuisines there.

The teams also had to prepare a Mocktail, a Dessert (cake) of their choice and a Main course in the stipulated period of time. The market for food supply was left open for them to choose their desirable food elements.

The teams were cooking and sweating it out in full force. However we faced little electrical power problems but that did not hinder the high spirits of the team. They were combating for the winning position till the very last second.

Some cakes were melting while others could be baked for a very little time owing to power failure but our brave hearts did not give up and shone to the occasion. They even found a substitute in paper fans.

We had ourselves not one, but THREE winning teams. The prizes were sponsored by Barila. The winning teams along with all the participants were awarded. Our honorable judges were also presented with gifts.

7th October: Bahaar - District Rally

Namaskaar...Kaise ho aap.....Mein toh bus kar rahi thi is din ka intezaar.... and it was wonderful!! The memories of this year's District Rally - Bahaar - will last forever. The pre rally practise, the post rally party and the dhamaal with old friends and new, from our Club and our District is what made this year's rally truly memorable.

Bahaar was a super success!! The 1100 members attending were very well managed from Entry to Exit, and everything in between went like clock work! Hats off to the event organisers :-) From zone 1 our Zonal Cordinator Nimisha did a wonderful job, co-ordinating and attending practises, arranging transport and looking into the comfort of all the 17 participating members from our Club.

14th October 2015: Official Club Visit

After the Official Club Visit, congratulations are in order for all the members of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview, with a special acknowledgement to the Executive Committee Members!

We had wonderful feedback from the District Chairman Dr. Sandhya Bhat. She was extremely pleased with our work and progress, and impressed with our fellowships, unique projects and most importantly, with the UNITY we showed by attending in strong numbers (60% of members were present, in vibrantly coloured lehriyas). Our DC used the wonderful not only in reference to me but to my whole team and involved members. Her thoughful guidance in the continued successful running and growth of IWCBB is invaluable and much appreciated.

Few highlights of the OCV were the release of the E-Bulletin (many thanks to the Bulletin team - Mita Sheth, Smeeta Jhunjhunwala, Anuja Sariya, Mitali Maniar, Dipa Kapadia and Kanan Mehta); the Spirit 2016 and the school renovation proposals and the confirmation of 5 kids for the District Proejct - Asha Kiran. The delicious catering at the OCV was thanks to the efforts of Mita Sheth.

All in all, our club passed with flying colours and this credit goes to the continuous support of each and every member and the additional effort of the wonderfully coordinated team of committee members. It is such a joy to be appreciated for the efforts we have put in, and real motivation to achieve our goals for the year! I look forward to my dream of 100% attendance in the upcoming events.

25th November 2015: Zone 4 Fellowship

The Zone 4 Fellowship, held on 25th November, had a joyous and vibrant North Indian theme.

The Punjabi Kuddis charmed everyone with their elegant outfits.

The event was brilliantly organised and attended by ZC Nimisha, Anuja, Hemangi and IWCBB President Meena Mehra.

5th December 2015: Clue Hunt & GBM

Fun fun and fun filled GBM
With Members and Kids
Thank you my dear members
Your Smile is my pleasure

11th January 2016: Joint Fellowship @ Smash

Inner Wheel Clubs of Nariman Point, Bombay Bayview and Hanging Garden held a fun filled Joint Fellowship at Kamla Mills' Smash.

We all gathered around 2pm at Smash. While one half of the members played Cricket, the other half went bowling. A good 45 minutes of fun filled playtime was followed by games organised by IWC of Nariman Point. Four teams competed with each other, blowing balloons and passing the ring without breaking the chain. The true challenge though was passing the sand without breaking the queue.

The fun and games was followed by mouth watering snacks - chaat, pizza & burgers, and some very yummy paneer tikka being the highlights of the menu.

The aim of this Joint Fellowship was very successfully achieved - bringing good friends together and creating sweet memories and bonding between members. The 28 of us IWCBB members who attended this fellowship really missed the others.

22nd January 2016: Zone 2 Fellowship

Kem cho mazaa ma...Aaje bau mazaa aivi!!

Oh yes, that is in line with the theme for the Zone 2 Fellowship - Gujarat!! A real fun filled event, well organised and superbly executed, with delicious gujarati (obviously!!) cuisine mixed in with Garbha, a Quiz and a very creative Kite Decorating Competition for Makar Sakranti! The icing on this very yummy cake was Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview bringing home the Best-in-Zone trophy!!!

5th to 7th February 2016: Triennial Conference

Inner Wheel Association's Triennial Conference was held in the City of Joy - Kolkotta - from the 5th to the 8th of February. It was a splendid trip as lovely friends were met, an amazing city was explored and very fruitful meetings and seminars were attended, by the ladies of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview.

Kolkotta's rich heritage and fascinating markets implored us to do what we do best - we went on an eating spree, savoring the many delicacies Kolkotta has to offer; we especially relished the famous Roshgullas. Our taste buds experienced some divine food. The bonds that we made on this trip are going to be much stronger than the Howrah Bridge!! The city is really is the one of JOY!

20th February 2016: Zone 1 Fellowship

Our Zonal Fellowship was held at Sunderbhai hall, Churchgate on the 20th of February. It witnessed the presence of all the Zone 1 presidents. Dressed alike in the same sari, keeping true to the ODISHA theme, we all lookied smart and smashing, if we can say so ourselves!

The day was full of fun, laughter and merriment. There was dancing, a quiz competition and a not-to-be-missed Rampwalk. It was a celebration of the state of Odisha and its cultural heritage - through such fellowships we embrace and rejoice in the diverse communities of our wonderful country.

I would like to extend a note of congratulations to our zonal coordinators Nimisha and Jagruti. They did a fabulous job with the event and without their contribution the event would not have turned out to be so vibrant and successful.

14th March 2016: Phoolon ki Antakshari

A Joint Fellowship by three clubs, namely Bombay Bayview, Hanging Garden and Nariman Point, Phoolon ki Antakshari was held at the BCA Club. The presidents brough their Clubs together for one last time in their annual term and it was a splendidly organised and very beautiful event.

Staying true to its name, the teams were called Lily, Rose, Jasmine and Orchid. Spirits were highm enthusiasm was soaring - the energy was so palpable in everyone's singing and dancing.

Everyone had an amazing time. Mr. Swapnil was appointed host, and he conducted the Antakshari like the pro that he is! The food was scrumptious, the ladies all looked divine, everyone sang and danced with abonadon and so the evening was a resounding success, with all three Clubs resonanting at the same fun filled frequencies. This day will surely be thought of with fondness and nostalgia by all three Club Presidents and their members.

16th April 2016: Charter Day Celebrations

Charter Night was an amazing night of fun and merriment. All the members were invited along with their better halves. The splendor evening saw the beautiful ladies in their svelte gowns. There was music and dance. We thrived to learn few steps of salsa and were elated to sway away on the musical notes. Quite a few of us had our inner hidden talented singer come out from the bathroom and perform in public. The crowd cheered and sang along. The mood was enthralling. It was an evening of good food and even better company. It was refreshing to meet the all the couples and social interaction formed the base of the night. It gave us all a clear view of our respective families and their immense support for us.

Theme for the Year
"Unique & United"


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