Meetings & Fellowships | 2017-2018

10th July 2017: ECM Meeting

19th July 2017: District Seminar on Organ Donation

Aura ISO Meet

Congratulations to IWCBB member and PP Nimisha Mirani for representing Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview at the Inter District meet's Miss ISO competition 2017-18


Grishma Doshi wins a constellation prize at inter club singing competition INTAAL organised by Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport.

20th July 2017: Installation and 1st GBM

This Thursday of July witnessed the mantle of our Club being handed to the 2017-18 President, Core Committee and Executive Committee, in the presence of District Service Organiser Mrudula Dand and Guest of Honour RCBB President Rtn. Anand Mane.

Dignatories who graced the occasion were District Vice Chairman Vidhya Subramanian, IPDC and A.C. Member Falguni Mehta, District Secretary Dr. Devangi Vakharia, District Treasurer Amala Mehta, District ISO Sunita Jain, District Editor Mita Sheth, Rural Projects Co-ordinator Pallavi Choksi, Literacy Projects Co-ordinator Jayshree Bokadia, PDC's, Inner Wheel members and other esteemed guests.

Our heartfelt thank you to IPP Hemangi Shah and her Committee for a memorable 2016-17.

18th August 2017: Official Club Visit (OCV) & 2nd GBM

Pondicherry Away Fellowship

1st October 2017: Dandiya Night

As with any event in our Club, a lot of the Club members and Rotarians put in efforts behind the scenes, to make our Dandiya Night a smashing success, and it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge all of them. The ladies of the Club who took time out from their busy schedules, to go to the venue in the afternoon and set up the wonderful traditional decor, and a huge thank you from all of us to them: Meghna Sanghvi, Ruchita Chheda, Sarita Malhotra (R/ann), Sonia Gupta.

The three judges who spontaneously agreed to objectively judge the competition, we are grateful for your impartiality: Charu Shah, Sangeeta Kewalramani (R/ann), Taruna Lohia (R/ann)

The sponsors for the evenings beverages, without which the dancing definitely would not have been so enthusiastic: Rtn. Pawan Barasia and an Anonymous Member.

The unanimous winners of the evening's festivities: Best Dancer Female - Tied between Jigna Jhaveri (R/ann) & Ruchita Chheda, Best Dressed Female - Tied between Aditi Ahuja & Neha Jain (R/ann, Prospective Inner Wheel member), Best Dancer Male - Rtn. Vimal Shah, Best Dressed Male - Rtn. Jatin Parekh, Best Dancing Couple - Rtn. Urvi and Kalpesh Vora, Best Dressed Child - Master Samarth Lohia. Thank you for being so sporting and dressing up for the occasion!

Kudos to Baankim Damani and Rohit Malhotra, for getting down and jamming with the band! It was a sight to see these two guys, Baankim on Drums and Rohit on the Dhol making the guests groove to the music! Club Secretary Tejal and R/ann Baankim Damani, for getting the Ramzat band at such a special price for our Club. Club President Mohini Sharma Mane & Club Secretary Tejal Damani, for contributing towards the band charges.

3rd November 2017: Speaker Meeting & 5th GBM

Like moon she glowed...
all her wisdom flowed.
it wasn't a kitty,
but to make you smart and witty.
she showed the mirror and a queen in it,
and so we realised how the world we lit!!

Yes!! I am talking about none other than Miss India Elegance 2009 Konkana Bakshi and all the Bayview Queens. With the time we have forgotten that we all are queens of our kingdoms and somewhere she has reminded this to us. How important it is for us to be presentable and carry ourselves elegantly,The session conducted by Konkana Bakshi was very informative and insightful. On 3rd November 2017, This was Bayview's first speaker meeting, and I'm very delighted to announce that it was a great success! This was only possible with the help of Mita Sheth, Sonia Gupta, Sheetal Vidhani, Smita Parekh and Heena Mehta.

Theme for the Year
"Leave a lasting legacy"


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