Meetings & Fellowships | 2018-2019

5th July 2018: 1st GBM & Installation @ Mayfair Banquets

19th July 2018: District Senior Citizen Seminar @ Garware House, Churchgate

3rd August 2018: Fireside Meet for New Members @ Mita Sheth's Residence

11th August 2018: Jivdaya - Vasai Gaushala Visit

21st August 2018: 2nd GBM & Official Club Visit(OCV) @ Willingdon Club, Haji Ali

District Chairman Vidhya Subramanian was happy with our club performance in all aspects. The books were maintained correctly, the projects were well selected and executed, and our active participation in District projects and events was noted.

26th August 2018: Flag Exchange - Bengaluru

Member Kanan Mehta exchanged ISO Flags with Bangalore Clubs.

31st August 2018: Flag Exchange - Surat

President Tejal Damani exchanged ISO Flags with Surat Clubs.

31st Aug & 1st Sept 2018: West Zone Meet

It was a privilege to represent our club at the West Zone Meet, Surat with Mita Sheth.

For the ISO event, 5 Pink Auto Rickshaws were inaugurated by Dist 314.
Bayview co-sponsored the Auto Rickshaw project.

24th & 28th September 2018: INTAAL

27th September 2018: 3rd GBM & Fellowship @ Tasse De The, Fort

3rd October 2018: District Rally @ Fine Arts Centre, Chembur

23rd October 2018: 4th GBM @ Doolally Taproom, Kemps Corner

A very "festive" look, plus the colourful vegetables, topped with the enthusiasm of all our members made the perfect recipe for an enjoyable and funfilled afternoon. The veggie carving workshop was undoubtedly a hit!

16th - 18th November 2018: 5th GBM & Out Bound Trip to Bhopal

The most awaited event of the year, our annual overnighter trip, was to Bhopal this year. Staying in luxury at the Jehan Numa Palace hotel, our group of 28 ladies had a super vacation!

No one would have thought of Bhopal as a vacation destination- but from the airport we went directly for local chaats and an immediate full heritage experience with our special guide, Sikandar Mallik. He took us around the timeless lanes of Bhopal for a "Heritage Walk" by bus. This was followed by a sumptious lunch at the very opulent Jehan Numa Retreat.

For the evening festivities, we embarked on a specially arranged boat ride, which ended in a Super Bling themed party at the hotel.

Next day we went to Van Vihar and after breakfast went for a visit to The Sanchi Stupa. It is an amazingly well maintained structure from 2500 years ago. The evening was spent visiting the Taj Ul Mosque and doing some local shopping. Back at the hotel, we had a Dhamaakedaar Games Night!

By the time our departure day came around the next morning, each of us felt the deeper bonds of friendship and felicity, which we have carried back with us, along with some very with fond memories.

16th December 2018: 6th GBM & Bayviewers Choice Award @ Flyp Cafe,

Our 6th GBM and The Bayviewers Choice Award fellowship was a fun filled event with 11 categories of awards. Seventy people were in attendance, with spouses to cheer for nominees and winners.

Each winner was presented with a sash and a trophy. Between the 11 award category announcements, Rashmi Jalan entertained us with "Rendezvous with Rashmi", and spouses were invited to the podium to answer personal questions rapid fire style.

Here are the details of each of the 11 categories:


Nominations: Mohini Sharma, Vrinda Daryani, Tinaa Jhaveri, Aditi Ahuja.
WINNER Aditi Ahuja


Nominations: Meghna Sanghvi, Lotica Mehra, Neena Agarwal, Sonal Punatar.
Winner Meghna Sanghvi

Nominations: Grishma Doshi, Vrinda Daryani, Aditi Ahuja, Payal Sheth.
Winner Grishma Doshi

Nominations: Mohini Sharma, Rajni Barasia, Ruchita Chheda, Anuja Sariya.
Winner Anuja Sariya

Nominations: Rajni Barasia, Heena Mehta, Smita Parekh, Samina Khorakiwala.
Winner Samina Khorakiwala

Nominations: Lotica Mehra, Tinaa Jhaveri, Manisha Shah, Sonal Punatar.
Winner Manisha Shah

Nominations: Grishma Doshi, Anuja Shah, Tanvi Parekh, Bharati Trivedi.
Winner Anuja Shah

Nominations: Meghna Sanghvi, Sejal Shah, Hemangi Shah, Manisha Shah,
Winner Sejal Shah

Nominations: Neena Agarwal, Ruchita Chheda, Smita Parekh, Aditi Yagnik.
Winner Ruchita Chheda

Nominations: Tanvi Parekh, Hemangi Shah, Krishna Engineer.
Winner Tanvi Parekh

Nominations: Heena Mehta, Prakruti Vardhan, Krishna Engineer.
Winner Prakruti Vardhan

3rd January 2019: District Conference - Sanghamitram

The District Conference was held at Latitude, Kamala Mills. Grishma Doshi was invited to sing. Mita, Tejal, Hemangi, Ritu Kabra, Grishma, Aditi Ahuja, Rachna Shah and Mamta Malji attended.

26th January 2019: 7th GBM

The 7th GBM was held along with our flagship event, unbroken since the inception of our Club, the well loved and much anticipated Indradhanush.

15th February 2019: 8th GBM & InQuizitive

The InQuizitive event, held at Ravindra Natya Mandir in Prabhadevi, and attended by 130 members of Dist 314, was such a super success!! It was much appreciated for the innovative game concept, for the perfect timing and conduction of the game, and primarily for the unique concept of the Prize money, which was an amount given to the winner's Inner Wheel Club, to be used for their charitable projects!

Many thanks to the Quiz Conductor Dr Tushar Shah, as well as our team of dynamic IWCBB members who put this together - Hemangi Shah, Mitali Maniar, Nimisha Mirani, Mita Sheth and Tejal Damani.

5th March 2019: 9th GBM & Casino Fellowship

We had our 9 th GBM cum fellowship on 5 th March 2019 jointly with IWC of Bombay Hanging Garden and Mumbai Nariman point and total attendance of 100+ members. It was a pre Womens Day Celebration. The members dressed to the Gatsby theme with lot of enthusiasm. We had casino tables with tokens, with prizes for the top 3 scores overall from each Club. Smeeta Jhunjhunwala and Rajni Barasia got overall prizes and Payal Sheth, Tina Jhaveri and Aditi Ahuja won at Club level.

Theme for the Year
"Empower & Evolve"


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