Projects | 2018-2019

2nd July 2018: Sanitary pads vending machine at S.S. Sahney School, Khar

2nd July 2018: 1st CC event - Good Touch, Bad Touch

For the first CC event of the year, we held a session at Sundutta School, Nana Chowk to educate vulnerable children on the difference between a "good touch" and a "bad touch". The session in-charge was IWCBB member Bharati Trivedi. At the end of the session hygience kits were distributed to 70 girls, along with an explanation on its use to maintain personal cleanliness.

3rd July 2018: Happy School - Ambatpada, Dahanu

Members of our Club visited the Ambatpada School at Dahanu. We met with staff and students, and distributed raincoats, schoolbags, water and stationery to 220 children

4th July 2018: Sneh Sadan

Playground equipment was provided to Sneh Sadan, a girls' orphanage.

5th July 2018: Annapurna at Sangopita

An unbroken tradition for couple of years now, we start off each new President's year by celebrating Annapurna Day at Sangopita, the school for special children, and this year has been no different.

9th July 2018: Tree plantation at Inner Wheel forest, Kandivali

25th July 2018: 2nd CC event - Good Touch, Bad Touch

Another session of Good Touch, Bad Touch was the 2nd CC event, this time at S.S. Sahney school in Khar. 108 children were taught to tell the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, and how to seek help when needed.

28th July 2018: Distribution of water purification tablets

The residents of Gurubrahmanagar in Hyderabad have no access to clean piped water. As a result, water borne diseases frequently strike the 500 families living there. It is our hope and prayet that the 15,000 water purification tablets we distributed today will help them stay healthy through the monsoon season.

18th August 2018: Career Counseling Fair

A unique project where more than 100 children frm 10 th std of Colaba Municipal School had the opportunity to interact one-on-one with 22 professionals from various fields incl Army, Railways, Police and Higher Education Institutions - KJ Somaiya and SNDT, in addition to bankers, doctors, beauticians etc.

An E-Learning kit was also given to the school on thsi day, to assist their teachers. District Vice Chairman Dr Devangi Vakharia graced the occasion.

August 2018: E-learning boards

We have installed the software of the S.S.C. curriculum for E Learning boards, for standards 1st to 10th, in the Zilla Parishad School of Vankas, which has the strength of 400 children. Teachers and some students were given training on operating these teaching assistance tools.

7th September 2018: Ambulance Inauguration

This was a truly proud moment for our Club - the inauguration of an ambulance donated to Dayanand Hospital. This was made possible by the dedicated and untiring efforts of our PP Rajni and Spouse Bankim who found donors for the ambulance. Our heartfelt gratitude to them both.

Our sincerest thanks ro the District Executive Ccommittee Members Vidhya Subramanian, Amala Mehta, Sunita Jain, Mita Sheth, Pallavi Choksi, Madhavi Pandya and Pushpa Suryamurthy for gracing us with their presence on this occasion.

Thanks to my Past Presidents Mita, Nimisha, Rajni and Hemangi, lovely members Reepa, Smeeta Jhunjhunwala, Vinita, Krishna, Manisha Shah, Sonia, Monal, Meghana Sanghvi, Anuja Sariya, Sejal Shah and prospective member Archana for being there.

Ongoing Projects from previous years

Computer Education

5 new students have started training for future careers in IT, at SoftPro: Sanket, Namrata Bhatkar, Pratiksha Masaye, Aarti Dyaneshwar, Jyoti Manohar. We wish them all our very best for their future!

Food Sewa

Annapurna at Tata Memorial Hospital continues uninterrupted for the eighth year now. Food grains were provided to Smit Old Age Home.

Theme for the Year
"Empower & Evolve"


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