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6th President Hemangi Shah's Farewell Note

Executive Committee Office Bearers

"A nomad artist, a workshop enthusiast, a perfectionist and a person who likes to challenge herself periodically. The challenge for myself this year is to motivate and inspire my Club members to be the change they wish to see in the world and of course, I will be living it myself!

I have a wonderful set of friends and fellow team members joining me on this endeavour and I take great pride in introducing them to you here and now."

"It is a privilege to have on board the title holder of Mrs India World 2016-17. A fun loving young member of our Club, Mohini sees herself in a leadership role this year. An active member of IWCBB, she has been front and centre in organising events for the Club and District Rallies. It's great to have Mohini on our board to give me additional support through the year."

"Our IPP, a warm loving lady, put the words Vini Vidi Vici into action. Just a year old member Meena came, she saw and she conquered...the hearts of all the members. She personally motivated members to attend fellowships and projects, which helped in beautifully bonding us all! This year too she is going to be the PR for the team, to help motivate us all to reach out unconditionally."

"As a charter member of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview, Smeeta has had an enriching journey. She is a master of all trades from being the ISO to Treasurer to CC and now the Club Secretary. She has a 360 view of our Inner Wheel CLub, having served in various dimensions. It gives me great relief to know that Smeeta is my second in command on this journey as she is extremely effective and successful in all her commitments."

"A dynamic charter member, an executive committee member since our Club's inception and President in the second year, Mita is a major guiding force of our Club. She started our Club website, which is one of her many fine contributions to our Club, along with Spirit - a District Award Winning Special Olympics. It is a comfort to know that Mita is Club Treasurer for this year, taking care of all money matters for us."

"A warm and soft spoken charter member Sejal is a home-maker & a dessert designer by profession. She has passionately contributed all her resources to IWCBB activities, and continues to work on many projects like Food Sewa at The Tata Memorial Hospital & JJ Old Age Home. A regular member the organising committee for Indradhanush, our Art Competition for underprivileged kids, she continues in her endeavours to help the less blessed."

"A wizard with computers, a much needed talent for a core committee member, Dipa works flawlessly on our Club's techn related concerns. IW has being a great experience for Dipa, giving her an avenue to participate in social causes and for meeting new people. She has served on the board last year and is looking forward to adding a new dimension to her association with the Club by serving as ISO this year."

Executive Committee Members

"A fresh face on the board, Lotica is the GenNext being groomed to take the Club to the next level. As an executive member for Innerwheel 2016-17, she is super excited to learn the ropes and contribute to Club activities and projects, putting in her best efforts towards the betterment and progress of the Club. Music being her passion, she is also driven to artistic & creative pursuits in this beautiful world."

"Minu, a charter member of Inner Wheel of Bombay Bayview, is actively involved as a volunteer with the NGO Shraddha, a charitable trust which helps autistic children lead a better life. Social causes have always been close to her heart and as an ex-comm member she plans to work on community based projects."

"Manisha is a charter member with a warm welcoming smile and has been working passionately on the Tata Food Sewa, Jivdaya and Old Age Home projects. With Manisha in charge of our Club's on-going projects, she continues doing what she loves most - adding a bit of sunshine to the lives of the less fortunate. I am excited to have her as an ex-comm member and hopes she touches as many hearts as possible through our Club's Community Service endeavours."

"Mitali is a charter member of our Club, and also my best buddy! She has been on all the boards for the last 3 years, serving in different capacities. A preschool educationist, she brings clarity and precision to the execution of any plan. It is source of great comfort for me to have her board on my core team this year."

"Monal is a charter member of IWCBB, a fantastic cook and my artistic friend. She has begun on a new journey as an executive committee member of our Club. We both hope to have a beautiful journey together."

"Vinita is a charter member of our Club and Centre Director at Cosmikids International School. Her ever smiling face has consistently been on every board since our Club's inception. She effortlessly puts together fellowships and events with unmatched enthusiasm."

Theme for the Year
"Touch A Heart"


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