Meetings & Fellowships | 2016-2017

9th July 2016: Installation & 1st GBM

Rotary Ann Hemangi Shah was installed as President of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview for the year 2016-17 on July 9. The event, held at Copper Club Worli at 11 am, was indeed an occasion to remember. The new team moved in to take up its responsibilities from the first day itself. District Chairman Falguni Mehta graced the occassion as Chief Guest, and we had the privilege of having the President of the Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview, Sanjay Jalan as our Guest of Honour. Co-Presidents from zone 1, Innerwheel members and their guests were in attendance. Our 1st GBM of the year was also held at this event.

July 2016: Flag Exchange with MUNCHEN BAVARIA, Germany

While on a personal trip to Germany, ISO Dipa met with Inner wheel club of Munchen Bavaria. She exchanged flags and met with President Karoline Frauenlob, ISO Irm Klein, PP Denise Fehlmeister, and Sec Marion Sommer.

August 2016: Overnight Fellowship to JAIPUR

IWCBB's overnight fellowship is eagerly anticipated by all members and this year was no different! We took off to Jaipur for 3 days (5th to 7th of August). Twenty eight IWCBB ladies were all geared for frolicking fun and maha mastis! It was a great bonding trip with many first timers - to both our annual ladies trip as well as our Club. We stayed at The SMS in Jaipur, and enjoyed the delish food, historic excursions, lots of games, as well as shopping brunches! Enough said. This is one fellowship that only the attendees are privy to major details!! ;-)

19th August 2016: Official Club Visit (OCV) & 2nd GBM

The OCV and the 2nd GBM was held at the Marine Plaza Hotel at 4pm, with the District Chairman Falguni Mehta presiding over the proceedings.

16th September 2016: Maths and Make-Up! & 3rd GBM

Our 3rd GBM was held at the Radio Club over high tea, along with a fellowship on Maths and Makeup. Our very own, very talented club member Grishma Doshi demonstrated the finer nuances of make-up while Vedic maths expert Sheetal Mehta exercised our brains cells.

5th October 2016: Joint Navratri Fellowship & 4th GBM

Joint fellowship with IWC Bombay Hanging Garden was held on 5th oct at BCA's Garware Hall. Our members bonded superbly with IWCBHG President Ishita Goradia and her club members! We played the traditional Garba all evening, and in perfect rhythmn and harmony. The event was graced by a total of 100 club members from both clubs and the dance competition was judged by Aruna Ganatra and Sheetal Modi. The Best Dressed Prize went to Jighna Parag Jhaveri and The Best Dancer Prizes were jointly won by Grishma Doshi and Jankhana Mehta.

14th January 2017: Shukriya Musical Couples Evening & 7th GBM

Held in Vile Parle West, this annual event is when the President has the honor of thanking Club members for helping in the success of all the projects & events held in her year. It was a beautiful evening of kite flying and music enjoyed by the members and their spouses.

5th February 2017: Heritage Walk & 8th GBM

A fun event where Dr Tushar Shah, noted Physician, stand up comedian and history enthusiast took the curious-minds of our IWCBB Club's moms & kids on a pleasurable walk around Mumbai city, familiarizing them with the history and heritage of Fort and adjoining areas. He spoke about the making of modern Mumbai, and as we marveled at the amazing architecture, he recounted amusing anecdotes of our city's rich history. After this beautiful morning walk, our enthusiastic troupe gorged at heritage eateries!

1st April 2017: Charter Day Celebration & 9th GBM

A Master Art Class where our Picassos and Leonardos whipped out their paint brushes to create a beautiful ocean painting, while feasting on Pizzas and Chilled Drinks, at the Pizza Express, to mark the Chater Day of our Club.

23rd June 2017: Annual General Meeting & 10th GBM

Final meeting of the year with a Dance Dhamal to celebrate the successful culmination of Projects and Fellowships.

Theme for the Year
"Touch A Heart"


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