Projects | 2016-2017

1st July 2016: Tree Planting Drive, Kandivali

An initiative of PDC Himadri Nanavati and IW Kandivali President Nusrat Khatri, The Inner Wheel Forest is situated in Ramgadh Nagar, Kandivali East. We flagged off this year's activities with a tree planting drive at this little lung of greenery amidst concrete developments, by planting 165 trees.

A quote I've read somewhere has really stuck with me, one about if trees gave off wifi....well our Inner Wheel Forest signifies that we not only realise the importance of planting trees but symbolically we are also planting hope for our generations to come!

1st July 2016: Jeevan Daan - A Blood Drive

A Joint Project with The Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview, and our young kids of the Rotaract, this blood donation camp was held at Lower Parel Station from 6am to 8pm. Rotaract President Sana and her team of youngsters worked hard all day, advocating the donation of blood from passers-by with the slogan "A pint of blood can save 3 lives". I am so proud of our GenNext - they really have their hearts in the right place. Way to go Rotaract Bombay Bayview!!

30th July 2016: Rescue Foundation Project

Yesterday was a very emotional day, Inner wheel member Sujay Parekh, Exc.comm. member Mitali Maniar and I visited the Rescuse foundation at Boisar Village, Palghar Taluka, Thane District, to inaugurate the fridge that was kindly donated by Sujay Parekh and Samir Ajmera through IWCBB. Triveniben, a dynamic co-founder trustee of the centre and the destitute girls received us with lovely smiles and warm welcome.

There are approx 130 girls, some of them destitute moms, HIV patients, mentally ill abused girls. They had a need for a large 540 litre fridge to store the milk and milk products from the dairy that they have on site and for the vegs that the girls grow on site for self consumption. Please look up the web page for more info of Rescue Foundation, a registered, non-profit, grass root NGO involved in rescue, rehabilitation & repatriation of destitute girls.

2nd August 2016: Happy School Project - Taraben Master High School

India is enrolling more students in schools every year, yet the quality of education remains less than desired. This state of education affects the future of the children of our country - the generations that will be pivotal to the success of our country. Given the current scenario, especially in schools for the economically challenged sections of our society, IWCBB feels there is a dire need to revitalize our education system.

To this end, we have taken on the upgradation of the education facilities of Taraben Master High School on Juhu Tara Road in Santa Cruz (West). The goal is to give the students of the school a better foundation by installling modern teaching aids, and updating the teachers with the latest teaching methodologies.

In collaboration with Parishar Asha, a leading NGO in Education, we will introduce a meaningful problem-solving method of learning as an alternative to the mindless cramming of meaningless facts. This will be achieved by implementing the Eco-Tech World School Programme, a complete school transformation programme specially designed for State Board Schools, with an international approach to provide 21st century educational technologies with an environmentally aware attitude for a sustainable tomorrow.

11th August 2016: 1st CC Event - Yoga for Girls

"The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & harmony of the soul create the symphony of life." - B.K.Iyengar

This year's 1st CC Event was IWCBB's attempt at creating the symphony of life in the students of Std. 9 at the Colaba BMC Higher Secondary School. Titled "How yoga can ease menstrual problems", this yoga workshop was conducted by our very own member Anuja Saraiya, a qualified yoga teacher.

73 girls were taught various Asanas like Janushirasan, Paschmuttanasana, Gomukhasana, AdhomuhkSwasana, Vajjrasana, Bhujangasana and many more along with some breathing exercises. The girls were very excited to learn the yoga techniques.After the session we distributed an annual supply of sanitary napkins, strawberry milk shake & a banana along with the printouts of the Asanas they learnt. The feminine hygiene was a gift from our Sunshine collection.

Click these links to watch youtube videos of this event: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

20th September 2016: 2nd CC Event - Adolescent Awareness

In keeping with one of our three primary thrust areas of this year, a workshop title Adolescent Awareness was conducted for 375 students of Stds 9 & 10 at the Colaba BMC Higher Secondary School.

Two separate sessions were organised, from 10.30 to 11.30am for the girls and 11.30 to 12.30am for the boys. Both sessions were conducted by Bharti Trivedi, a child and adult psychologist. She spoke on various issues that affect the physical health and emotional well-being of teenagers today. On the personal level, topics she covered included physical and emotional changes in puberty, physical abusement, the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, health and fitness and staying safe. Also addressed were relational issues faced by this age group, such as attraction towards the opposite sex, peer pressure and relating to parents and peers.

22nd September 2016: Literacy Drive at Kasturba Mahila Mandal's Balmandir

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayivew celebrated the world Literacy day with Chief Guest Association President Prabha Raghunandan at Kasturba Mahila Mandal School which is situated opposite Matunga Road Station.

This co-ed school was established in 1942, is Gujarati Medium from KG to SSC and catering to the lower income group families with a total strength of 260 children. The foundation of the School was laid by the then State Finance Minister Late Shri Morarji Desai. The project was initiated by IPP Meena Mehra. IWCBB has renovated the Play School and Library of the School as well as added books to it. The football team was also provided with 18 brand new game kits.

The occassion was also graced by Guest Of Honor District Chairman Falguni Mehta, Zonal Literacy Coordinator PAP Puspa Suryamurty, District Literacy Committee Chairman PDC Amita Timbadia, District Executive Committee Members.

This project was attended by Zonal coordinators, Presidents CLCCS and Members from district 314, as well as IWCBB Club Members.

11th November 2016: District Rural Project - Solar Water Heater for Shantivan Shala

11th November saw the inauguration of the District Rural Project of providing a solar water heater to our Happy School Project 2016 at Adivasi Ashramshala at Wakadi, Panvel district, Raigad.

Innerwheel Club Of Bombay Bayview donated this solar water heater which was inaugurated by the Honorable International Innerwheel President Oluyemisi Alatise. The Solar Water Heater will benefit 466 residential as well as day scholars who are inconvenienced due to long hours of load shedding in the area. The Inauguration was attended by PP Mita Sheth, PP Nimisha Mirani, President Hemangi Shah, V.P.Mohini Mane, Excomm. Members Minu Sanghvi, Mitali Maniar and members Anuja Shah, Bina Shroff and Sujay Parekh.

14th November 2016: 3rd CC Event - Children's Day & 5th GBM

This year we celebrated Children's Day with budding artists from various NGO's. Our annual flagship project INDRADHANUSH - an Art Competition - was held at the Amphitheatre of Kamala Nehru Park, for 150 children from various city NGO's at the Kamala Nehru Park - was held on 14th November this year. This year we will be also sending their art work to BALANAND, the District Art Competition.

4th December 2016: Fight Against Cancer in Children - ACCESS LIFE

IWC Bombay Bayview joined hands with NGO Access Life Assistance Foundation in their fight against cancer in kids by donating the infrastructure for 1 room with 3 units, at their Thane centre. 1 unit accommodates one family, and was inaugurated by PP Rajni Barasia, President Hemangi Shah and Member Sonal Punater.

Access Life Assistance Foundation resulted from the vision of angels Girish Nair And Ankit Dave. Their centres provide a temporary yet loving and cheerful home for the parent/care taker and the child undergoing treatment for cancer. Their mission is to offer a comfortable home-like environment for these families as they go through the trying times of cancer treatment. Access Life's centres offer a high quality of life to these children by providing practical support services, educational resources and recreational programs. At the moment, they have 3 centres at Chember, Thane and Andheri.

Access Life Foundation understands the financial pressure cancer puts on families, and so ease that burden where they can by giving the kids and their families dignified accommodation at no cost, and a peaceful quality living to the child while they undergo this taxing treatment. In a country where care for the needy has long been accepted as dismal, Access Life is compassionately working to not only fill a much-needed unmet need but also to fundamentally change this mind-set.

14th December 2016: Senior Citizens' Picnic to ISKCON

If the event of 14th December has to be described in one word it would be WARMED, a perfect emotion at the onset of Mumbai's winter! 24 senior citizens from JJ Dharamshala were taken to the ISKCON Temple in Juhu. The long bus drive seemed to fly by with the incessant chanting of the Hare Rama Hare Krishna, with a brief break for some packed breakfast. After darshan and arti at the temple, the senior citizens were treated to a lavish spread at the Temple's Govinda restaurant, while members lunched at Dakshinayan. Heartfelt thanks to our member Gauri Soi, who sponsored not just the whole event but also the very spontaneous purchase of mementoes for our respected elders as well! The resident of J.J.Dharamshala returned home with a copies of the Gita, individually packed prasadam, chanting beads in a pouch and a whole set of joyous memories - this was a long desired outing, for which they will count IWCBB in their blessings forever.

Acknowledgements must be made of the effort put in by our Club Correspondent Sejal Shah and ExCom member Mitali Maniar to make all the necessary arrangements for this project, and to all our dear members who took the time to attend this event in large numbers. Last, but not the least, appreciate President Hemangi's liasing with ISKCON Temple authroties to ensure this was a smooth and hassle free event.

10th January 2017: Medicinal Trees - District Rural Project

Nuture The Nature ! Helping Ourselves Live Better.

In our endeavour to save the environment and mother earth we planted 50 medicinal trees in Shantivan, a village adopted by the Inner Wheel Clubs in District 314. A part of the District initiative to to set up an organic ayurvedic plantation, it is a 2 pronged effort with multiple benefits

  1. It helps retain and maintain the ecological balance of the land which was left barren, at the same time generating funds for the plantation so it could get self sustaining, as all the medicinal plants will be purchased by an ayurvedic firm Dhootopapeshwar ltd for preparing medicines.
  2. As the famers in the area are going to be trained in cultivating similar medicinal agriculture, it will help them to start similar activities for themselves too, and Dhootopapeshwar ltd has a high demand for the same giving a much needed leg up to the farmers fraternity, a subject very close to everyones heart.

11th January 2017: PTRC - District Urban Project

For Mumbai's millions the pressures of basic survival take precedence over meeting emotional and mental health needs. Moreover, lack of awareness and the social stigma attached to mental illness stops people from seeking access to appropriate treatment.

Conservative estimates reveal that over 20 million Indians are struggling to cope with mental illness. However, there is a huge gap between what is needed and what is available, both in terms of mental health services as well as trained professionals able to provide them.

The Psychoanalytic Therapy and Research Centre (PTRC) is trying in a modest way, to address both areas. PTRC has been working in Mumbai for over 40 years, creating awareness about mental health issues and providing treatment to children, adults and families. IWCBB sponsored the Annual tution fees of a girl student, in order to assist with three key objectives of the PTRC, as outlined below:

  1. To offer affordable psychoanalytic psychotherapy at its two Clinics in Mumbai.
  2. To train and develop a core group of dedicated professionals who can offer specialist psychoanalytic psychotherapy and consultative services to those who need it.
  3. Community Outreach program to spread psychoanalytic thinking.

27th January 2017: 4th CC Event - Movie Time

This crisp sunny day, we brought smiles to the faces of the little ones from Salaam Balak. 50 street children, aged between 8 to 14 years and 6 helpers enjoyed watching their favourite star Shahrukh Khan in his new release RAEES. The venue was Eros Cinema and the time was 1pm. The movie was enjoyed by kids and adults alike, along with samosas, wafers, Cornetto ice-creams and Kit Kat chocolate bars. IWCBB arranged for their transport, to and from the Cinema Hall, and gifted all the children with a colourful water bottle.

February 2017: Palghar Project

Details coming soon!

29th June 2017 :: Kamla Mehta School for the Blind at Dadar, Mumbai

A lovely boarding school for 160 blind girls who are taught to be self reliant and independent by the time they complete their SSC exams. We had the most amazing time with the girls giving us a demo in math abacus, reading writing on the Braille machine, singing and exercise demonstrations.

Ongoing Projects from Previous Years


An on-going project since 5 years, this project is in collaboration with VAN-SMITH ANIMAL FOUNDATION And IDA INDIA, two NGOs for grass root level animal protection, Jivdaya is dedicated towards establishing and defending the rights of all non-human living creatures. This joint collaboration is aimed at:

  1. Promoting Animal Birth Control program and discouraging brutal extermination of stray animals
  2. Rescuing abused animals.
  3. Promoting vegetarianism.
  4. Lobbying for amendments to existing animal protection laws in India, to make them more effective.
  5. Creating awareness amongst people for animal related issues like commercial breeding and exploitation of animals, animals in zoos, conditions of enslaved elephants etc.

Computer Education

Continuing one of our earliest projects, to empower girls through education and the resulting financial independence, this year too we sponsored the software education of underprivileged youth, with one difference - we included deserving boys as well.

Food Sewa

Once a week distribution of food outside TATA Memorial Hospital, is one of our Club's very first projects. This tradition continues unbroken through our sixth year.

Theme for the Year
"Touch A Heart"


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