Meetings & Fellowships | 2013-2014

The Club Celebration and Introduction of the Executive Committee
Maroon Rubies !

All roads led to Sunville Banquets on the 9th of July. The incoming team was to be introduced in the presence of District Chairman Mrudula Dand. The celebration began on schedule and with the Ganesh Stuti. IPP Mita played a slide show to review the past year. President Nimisha Mirani presented her plans for the year with the help of her presentation.

The Executive Committee enjoyed a glamorous introduction with their vocations and pet projects being displayed on slides. Guest Speaker Mr. Teckchandbhai Dedhia spoke to the members on their support to TATA Cancer Hospital Project. He explained that how, with our support, they are also arranging for medicines for the patients.Guest of Honour, President Rajesh Sheth was impressed with the Badlapur project and has committed to donate a Bio Toilet to them.

District Chairman Mrudula Dand was very motivating in her speech. She expressed that she was confident of Bayview's support to the District was truly appreciative of our efforts in bringing happiness to the community.

Ice Ice Baby - Overnight Picnic to Khandala
Yellow Peridot !

Coinciding with World Friendship Day, we had our overnight picnic at Duke's Retreat, Khadala. 27 members attended the fellowship. We conducted our 2nd ECM as well as our 2nd GBM here.

All attendees seemed to be having a good time, though a few may have been scandalized beyond repair. The Ice Breaker proved true to its name and many new members (and old) Sprinsteened and Bhangraed away to frenzy. Most of the attendees turned up in swimwear with Sarongs, Floral Dresses etc for the Swimwear Competition. They sportingly participated in the Q&A organized.

The DJ dance party at night was another good one. With the strobe lights and the works, the members enjoyed doing what they love most. The organizers did a splendid job at ensuring that every moment spent was filled with fun and enjoyment

The Official Club Visit of the District Chairman
Blue Sapphire

The Chairman's Official Visit was a well managed and appreciated affair. District Secretary Sandhya attended as a special guest. They District was happy to note that the club committee was conscientious in managing the club well. In her remarks the Chairman urged the members to attend the South Asia Rally.

Prayaas - Ek Aas, Kuch Khaas
Pink Tourmaline !

An event is successful, when its members join in wholeheartedly in making it successful. If 61 of 70 members attend an event, the verdict is spelt our before the end of the show.

When District Chairman MrudulaDand, District Secretary Sandhya Bhatt, District Treasurer Falguni Mehta, PDC SunitaDeodhar, PDC Indira Kotak and Zonal Coordinators attend a club event, it means that the District is extremely supportive of the event.

Formal wear flirted with accessories, neckpieces with low necklines, the patisserie was sold out before teatime and the jewelers were happy with all the bling around. A loud, bright, noisy affair Prayaas was well appreciated by Bombay Bayview and the Inner Wheel Community. An event that took 8 months to plan with the dedicated efforts of Club Treasurer Sonia Gupta, Fund-raising Committee SangeetaJaveri and SaritaMalhotra. Some of the exhibitors were BInduChauhan, Raga Styles, Chista Designs, Le PapierInc, The Treasured Jewels, Bags for Life, Sttudio 36, Zardozee etc.

An annual event now, this Bayview brand was a day long fellowship that involved, shopping, food, lots of laughter and fun.

Orange Blossom

Introduction of Incoming Team and a Members' Speak Special where members Dipa Kapadia and Minu Sanghvi shared their experiences.

Dhoom 3 Family Fellowship

Dhoom 3 Family Fellowship with spouses, children and friends at Inox, Nariman Point.


We conducted our 6th GBM at the Amphitheatre of Kamala Nehru Park, Malabar Hill, Mumbai. The highlight of the event was the annual art competition that we conduct for the students of various NGOs on Republic Day.

Purple Rain

In aubergines, mauves, lilacs, lavenders and violets, we gathered and enjoyed the session on 'Our Body Speaks'. A very interactive session by Guest Speaker AG Rtn Anita Shantaram left the members engaged for three quarters of the hour.

Club Charter Celebration

We began with a small cake cutting celebration as a gesture of sharing our happiness. We conducted the GBM via written communication, sharing all the information we had to on paper. Most members appreciated the personalized Inner Wheel pins that were handed out. We gifted back presents to all the attendees. Rtn. Chetan Maniar won himself 'Dinner for Two' at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, by digging out the coin in the cake.

Burma in Bombay

It was more of Vietnam and Thailand in Bombay. Though shy by nature, celebrity and NDTV Chef Nikhil Chibb had the ladies of Bayview under his spell. With a mortar and pestle, he showed us how to make a mean Som Tam Salad and Cold Spring Wrap. He recapped on the ingredients that would make the perfect Burmese Khow Suey. The ladies enjoyed their lunch at Busaba, one of Mumbai's ethnic and consistent South East Asian specialty restaurants. The Bayview '50 Shades of Grey' was a somber reminder of the impending hot and humid summer.

Annual General Meeting

We held our 3rd Annual General Body Meeting on 7th June, 2014 at Bungalow 9, Bandra West. 33 Members attended the AGM and the dinner thereafter. The Office Bearers shared the following with the club:

  1. Accounts. The completed Account Statement will be circulated at the end of the month.
  2. Reports (Uploaded on FB)
  3. Annual Statistics
  4. Summation Video (uploaded on FB)
  5. Club's Photo Book (Hard Copy)

The AGM's after-party was retro-themed and was well enjoyed by the members. We had about 20 spouses in attendance. During the AGM we conducted a short segment on "In Gratitude". It was a toast to those members who have helped the club with their outstanding contribution this year and in the Past.

Joint Installation

Muskaan - Joint Installation of Incoming Presidents at the District with 32 other clubs. On 11th June at ManekSabhagriha, VP Arti, IPP Mita, C.SecretaryHemal, C. Treasurer Sonia, ISO Smeeta, CC Mitali and Executive Committee members Anuja, Manisha J, Rajni, Vinita attended. Members Manisha S, Sangeeta J and CP Archana were present too. We were the host club for the function. The District Directory and District Souvenir were released.

Dhamaka Diwali [Festive]

2nd Club Correspondent Event - A Dhamaal Diwali Party which was organized on Saturday,19th October 2013 at Shraddha - an NGO for street children. About 40 children participated in the Diwali party and the celebration comprised of a delicious Chinese lunch followed by loads of fun and frolic games with prizes and an exciting Magic Show. The thrills, shrills laughter and joy echoed in the room which left all of us beaming, seeing the glee on the children's faces. Later we distributed gift hampers which was a bag pack containing goodies and snacks. We also gave away prizes for the "Best Student Award" in various categories. Children truly had a fabulous and fun filled day.

Paintbox [Creative]

We have painted 4 classrooms at Manohar Joshi Vidyalaya, Dharavi. It was a Joint Project with IWC of Bombay Hanging Garden partnered us by funding a classroom.

Shraddha at Esselworld [Recreational]

33 Students of Shraddha Center for Street Children will visit Esselworld on the 11th of April. 30 children and 3 Adults will make the trip to the Theme Park and enjoy the thrills of the rides. Here's hoping they have a 'hot and happening' time.

Nehru Science Center [Educational]

The 1st CC event was held on 18th August 2013 for the enthusiastic 9th Grade children of Shivabhakti Advivasi School, Badlapur We hosted them at the Nehru Planetarium and Nehru Science Center.

As, they had traveled 3 hours to reach the venue we immediately served them breakfast and later headed to the Science Center. It was one of the most memorable rides with them, for as soon as the bus passed Haji Ali, they jumped with joy at the glimpse of the ocean.

At the Science Center we watched 3 shows Monsters of the Ocean, I am a Mother, and Oceans at the Science Odyssey. Thereafter the children explored the various science gadgets available on display. The experiences left them scientifically charged and electrified.

Post the show we served them a sumptuous lunch and gifted them a goody bag, which had a geometry box, a colour book and crayons and some chocolates.

DHOOM 3 for special kids [Entertainment]

We took special kids from Shradda Center for Autism, for the movie Dhoom 3. They enjoyed the special effects and the colourful movie.

Zonal Fellowship II on Naari

The first Zonal Fellowship of the year was on the 22nd October at Rotary Service Center Juhu. Club Correspondent read out her thoughts on the Kal Aaj aur Kal concept for the Lawyer profession.

The mother-in-law/daughter-in-law themed skits and dances were very well performed and enacted.

Chalo Ramvaji

The District had organized a Dandiya programme for the members of IW at Vile Parle. Good attendance from the clubs, with women dressed in Navratri finery was the reason that the event was so enjoyed by all. Good fellowship and socializing amongst members of all the clubs.

District Rally

The District Rally was called 'Tellywood Masti' and Zone 1 was given the themes 'Dekha Ek Khwaab' for the skit and Daler Mehndi for the dance. The Daler Medley saw 32 members performing the bhangra on stage with a sequence that had all together on stage at once. For this performance the Zone was awarded the Best Choreographed and Coordinated Dance Award.

'Dekha Ek Khwaab' was a 5 minute skit performed by 6 Presidents and 4 Office Bearers.

For the ISO Competition VP Arti and Executive Committee Member Anuja had participated. In all 14 members from Bayview took part in the Tellywood Masti.

Cancer Survival Champs

The year began with a District Seminar on Cancer Survivors. The Survivors we asked to take us thought their traumatic journey.

Zonal Fellowship Zone 1

The theme was 'Wives of Tomorrow' and 'Fashion Walk' for Bayview. We engaged trendy and young designer Zuilee and chose Indian print Ikkat, in Silks and Cottons. The styling was futuristic. We had segments on Valentine, Formal, Semi-formal, Informal, Resort and Club Wear. The women showed the various moods of a future wife, traditional, bold, sadistic, provocative, demure, smart, simple and masochistic.

District Rural Project Inauguration

IIWP Gabriella Adami, AP Pushpa Suryamurty and District Chairman Mrudula Dand together inaugurated the Outdoor Kitchen Block that was sponsored by IWCBB. The entire Dining, Kitchen, Storeroom and Outdoor Kitchen Block turned out well. IWCBB was one of the main sponsors of the project.

Flag Exchanges at SAR

C ISO Smeeta exchanged flags with 50 other clubs and also assisted the SAR ISO committee. She was a part of the Registrations Committee for the ISO Meet.

Winners at Bayview

C ISO Smeeta won 2nd Prize in the Recipe Competition of Dist 301.

South Asia Rally

Professional performances, jewelry shows, articulate orators and a variety of shopping options at a very nice venue was what the SAR was all about. SAR Committee Members were appreciated for their support to the event. Our club was recognized as a contributor to the Fund Raising Committee and for the jewelry stall in the shopping gallery.

District Conference Manzil

VP Arti, IPP Mita, ISO Smeeta, CC Mitali, Incoming President Rajni, Execcom Anuja, CP Archana, Members Sadhana Sheth, Sangeeta Javeri, Sheetal Vidhani, Sonal Punatar, Tejal Damani and Club President Nimisha attended the District Conference Manzil on 19th June. The highlights of the day were the Joint Installation of Incoming President Rajni and the District Awards.

What we won was the 5* All Round Club Award. We had applied for:

  1. Best President/Secretary Nimisha/Hemal
  2. Best Treasurer Sonia
  3. Best International Service Organiser Smeeta
  4. Best Club Correspondent Mitali
  5. Best Newsletter Newsletter Team

Since all members were winners we were awarded the 5* Award. This category was introduced at the nth hour for clubs such as ours where every team member is a superstar.

The District also released the District Souvenir on this occasion. An Awareness Programme email by Member Poonam Mashru was published as one of the Primary Essays in the Souvenir.

ISO 'Meethe Pal' District Event

District 314 conducted the 'Meethe Pal' District ISO Meet on the 10th of October at Thane. ISO Smeeta Jhunjhunwala attended the event.

ISO Meetings in Amritsar

ISO Smeeta grabbed the opportunity when she was told that the President was making a two-day trip to Amritsar. She contacted the ISO's of IWCs of Amritsar and Amritsar Rising Sun. The gracious Punjabis hosted President Nimisha at tea. In attendance was the entire Executive Committee of IWC of Amitsar Rising Sun and the Club Treasurer of IWC of Amritsar. The 3 clubs exchanged gifts and flags. They shared ideas on how young clubs should conduct fundraisers to be able to conduct better community service projects.

ISO Meetings with IWC of Delhi North

I would like to share some great news with you. On Friday President Nimisha, Secretary Hemal and ISO SmeetaJhunjhunwala met up with the ISO from IWC of Delhi North, Dist 301 Mrs. KusumShorewala. She was here only for 2-3 days and she took the time out of busy schedule to meet us at the NSCI club. This club is a very prominent mark amongst the IWCs in India. The 2nd Indian P.I.I.W.P Mrs. Anita Agarwal is from this club. There are 8 PDC from their club and their President Mrs. Nisha Bhargav is also a P.D.C. Mrs. Shashi Gupta another very prominent figure from their club is also a P.I.B.D., making this club one of the prestigious clubs in their District. Their club was chartered in 1969. I applaud to their remarkable dedication for maintaining the club reputation for so many years.

ISO Meeting IWC of Dubai Downtown

Visit to IWC of Dubai Downtown. Mrs. ShirrineKhambhatta ISO of the club invited our ISO Smeeta Jhunjhunwala for their charity funfair. It was a small bazaar of knick-knacks which the ladies had put up. Present there were PP Mrs. JyotiMahipal of KolkattaMahanagar, PDC Smita Pingale Dist. 313 India, Charter President IWC Dubai Downtown, and member of IWC of Pune Riverside Club. We exchanged flags with them.

Theme for the Year


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