Past Projects | 2013-2014

Shivabhakta Adivasi Ashramsala, Lavhali (Badlapur)

Situated in Vangani village of Badlapur District, the school is approximately a 2-hour drive from Mumbai. With a collective strength of 350 students and 6 government-approved staff, the school structure consists of 7 classrooms for 8 Grades (1st to 8th). Currently they are short of one classroom and the 1st standard students use the veranda of the school. Recently the school received permission from the Education Department to conduct 9th and 10th Grades as well. But due to the unavailability of classrooms, they will not be able to start these classes in June 2013.

We have also arranged for:

  1. A Human Values Self learning module Kit to develop a strong value system.
  2. Desktop computer, TV, notebooks and stationery.
  3. Facility for conducting Self Defense classes for older girls.
  4. Classroom furniture - 58 pieces sets
  5. Sports Equipments
  6. Sports Uniforms
  7. Laboratories for Computers and Science
  8. Library Book
  9. Toilet at Badlapur
  10. Ceiling Fans
  11. Self Defence Classes for Inner Wheel year 2014-15
  12. 4 Desktop Computers

Construction of Outdoor Kitchen and Storage Area

Leprosy is a curable disease, yes, and we have decided to help Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti in rehabilitating those who have been cured and seek dignified and respectable lives. KNS serves an area of 185 villages in Panvel covering a population of 3.5 lakhs. To date more than 10,000 leprosy patients have been treated and cured. Under their rehabilitation schemes the patients indulge in Agriculture, Horticulture, Production of Carpets and Weaving. The rehabilitated patients live at the center and have been using their facilities. The newly constructed outdoor kitchen and storage area will be used by the patients to cook and eat healthy, nutritious food.

District Thrust Projects

We conducted a Good Touch Bad Touch Seminar for the young students of Shivabhakti Adivasi Ashramsala, Badlapaur. They performed the Self Defense techniques that they learnt from the instructor we provided. They also displayed their Yoga skills to us. For the Special Children at SPJ Sadhana School, we provided them with CD Players and a Sealant Gun. The players will be used to learn Math via Music and the sealant helps them with their crafts.

Priyanj Special School

We celebrated World Autism Day on Thursday, 3rd April by visiting Priyanj Special School and hosting the children to lunch. We have helped the center with a Photocopying Machine and a Printer. The children enjoyed the session and played on the musical instruments we had donated last year.

Solar Lamps

After successful completion of the first phase of providing Solar Lamps in the villages of Karjat, we have undertaken the next phase. We have provided their Urja Kendra with an additional 17 lamps to be sold to the villagers with a subsidy.


Provide breakfast meals for the Balwadi in Geetanagar at a cost of Rs. 72,000 for the year. The support feeds up to 200 children. We are pleased to announce that we have started with support for six months already.

Khel Khel Mein (Kurla)

A new Khel Khel Mein Center by Wockhardt Foundation and supported by Rama Rashmi Chagganlal Waghwala Charitable Trust was inaugurated. About 30 students have joined this center and will be coming there every evening to spend quality time learning good values, habits and manners. They are all currently students of the neighbouring Holy Cross School and seem to be very bright and talented.

Summer Camp

Children from Shraddha Khar went to see Bbhootnath, learnt to make pop up cards, visited Mc Donalds for a birthday party, went to the Parle G factory this summer.

Playground at Shantivan

We helped add to the playground of the Adivasi School at Wakadi by giving them a See Saw, Merry Go Round and Swing. The school caters to 400 odd students.

Geetanagar Khel Khel Mein Toy Library with Wockhardt Foundation

KhelKhel Mein are toy libraries for the underprivileged children aged between 5 and 9 years, residing in the slums of Mumbai.Its objective is to share values and good habits with the children through fun and play activities. The center runs through the week and is an after-school session where the children learn manners and principles. IWCBB will support the center this year at Geetanagar by paying its rent for the whole year.

KKM Annual Day Umang

We were invited for Umang, the Annual Day Celebrations of Khel Khel Mein where all the centers of KKM got together to put up song and dance performances, each center trying to get the of better the others. From the club, we encouraged the students by assisting them with Shiamak Davar coaching session's support.


V Care Foundation assists needy patients to purchase a prosthetic eye, which is purely of cosmetic value and makes them feel more comfortable to face the world outside. They are charged Rs.1000.00 and V Care contributes Rs.5,000.00 per prosthetic eye. In 2013-14, We assist needy patients to purchase a prosthetic eye, which is purely of cosmetic value and makes them feel more comfortable to face the world outside. We have helped 6 patients so far.

Cataract Surgeries

Each member of the club has donated towards this cause individually. We have already supported 82 Cataract Surgeries.

Health Camps

We have successfully conducted the following Health Camps. Dental and Ophthalmic Camps at Shraddha Center for Street Children for 150 children. Cancer Detection Health Check Up for 100 men and women slumdwellers of Geetanagar.

Jaipur Foot

We have conducted a joint project with our Rotary Club and have sponsored 10 Jaipur Foot Surgeries for the handicapped.

Beach Clean Up

The club undertook a beach clean up project on the World Peace Day after the Ganpati Visarjan festival. Debris was cleared off Chowpatty Beach and many broken Ganesh idols were rescued.

Ecofriendly Festival

We motivated the Sarvajanik Ganesh Pandal in the area to go eco-friendly. We avoided the use of plastic and had put up banners and hoardings promoting IW and the need for a clean and green environment.

IT Education to deserving students in association with Softpro Computer Center

Computer Education to students who struggle financially to even complete basic education is a true blessing. A professional computer education course at Softpro Computers for 31 boys and girls is what we have arranged courtesy our member Poonam Mashru.

With this education in hand the students will be equipped professionally and can successfully seek higher paying jobs in today's competitive world.

Tailoring course for the physically challenged

Under our Past Presidents' Project we are helping Yasmin Kamruddin from Naseoh to undertake a tailoring course that will make her financially independent. It is a 1.5 year course.

Employment for Softpro trainees of Naunihal - 5 Girls successfully employed.

Food sewa outside TATA Cancer Hospital

We know the importance of food and nutrition when battling the monster. Haldi, milk, khichdi, fruit, rotis help these patients and their relatives survive the brutal chemotherapies and radiation. We provide 470+ patients with these energy savers, every Friday morning, for the past 96 days were sponsered by our members.

For the blind and physically challenged

We distributed 200 umbrellas at Saksham and Sampoorna Sewa Charitable Trust. They invite 105 families on the 1st Sunday of the month at 11am and distribute grains worth Rs. 350/- per family. We were given the opportunity to plant Neem Trees in the open area to develop their garden.

Prayaas - Ek Aas, Kuch Khaas

A Bayview property, Prayaas - Ek Aas Kuch Khaas, is an exhibition and sale of luxury articles during Diwali. This year it was held on the 12th of October at the World Trade Center. 41 stalls participated and exhibited a range of Designer-wear, Jewelry, Artefacts, Accessories etc. We have diverted the funds to the thrust areas of the club as well as to upgrading Solar Lamps in the villages we support.

Naunihal Kitchen Project

Organic and homegrown vegetables are made available for the girls of the Naunihal Center at Kharghar. Palak, Methi, Kothmir, Okra, Green Chilly can be found in their green patches. New residents weeded the patches, added compost, dampened the soil, sowed seeds and are now nursing them. This time round, we have encouraged them to be self-sufficient and undertake the second sowing themselves.

Lifestyle Improvements

We support a number of activities to upgrade the lifestyles of the downtrodden in our societies:
1) Hearing Aid to talented student Kanika Jain
2) Organic Kitchen Garden at Naunihal for fresh organic vegetables


We also serve milk to the toddler section of the Balwadi at Geetanagar. At this age the children need to eat and drink healthy and Rajni Barasia, a Bayview member has taken the responsibility to ensure this.

Medical Camps

We conducted these again. Firstly a General Health and Cancer Detection Camp was help for a 100+ at Geetanagar. Next, to celebrate the 90th Inner Wheel Day, we conducted an Orthopedic, Ayurvedic and a Deworming Camp for 150 odd patients in Vangani, Badlapur.

Sanitary Napkins

Feminine hygiene products were distributed to 190 girls at the Advasi Schools of Parali and Mann.

Inter Club Project with Dist 320

With IWC of Coimbatore we provide 200 families with 6000 Shudhu water purification tablets to be administered in the slum they are adopting. The tablets, manufactured by Wockhardt Foundation are an inexpensive and complete method of water purification.

Inter Club Project with IWC of Bombay Harbour

We supported the Rain Water Harvesting project that IWC of Bombay Harbour has undertaken with the Yusuf Meherally Center Trust in Tara Village.

Joint Project with IWC of Borivli

We assisted trauma victim, 27 year old Reshma Waghmare who had sustained severe burns when she met with an accident a few months back. This is a joint project with IWC of Borivli.

Joint Project with IWC of Palghar

A joint project with Inner wheel Club of Palghar to donate a Dialysis Machine (There is no Dialysis Facility around the 60 sq kmtrs radius in Palghar) along with their RC of Palghar to Dawle Hospital, Palghar.

Shelter relief to the homeless survivors of the Uttrakhand calamity

Used formal clothes to the circulating library for rentals


Festivals are huge at Bayview and we always remember our children and families when we celebrate them. We have celebrated the following festivals already:

  1. Independence Day at Geetanagar with 200 children
  2. Ganpati at Kharibawadi Bal Gopal Mandal, Mahalaxmi
  3. Diwali at Geetanagar with 300 children and adults
  4. Diwali at Umerkhadi with 60 children
  5. 50 Gift Hampers to Cancer Patients
Phuljari Parties

Celebrating Diwali, we enjoyed the parties in Geetanagar, Umerkhadi an with the physically challenged at Saksham. We sent the students of Naunihal, Kharghar to the Sion Mela for the evening and distributed Diwali Gift Hampers to the patients of V Care Cancer Foundation. Going a step further, we also funded the Angioplasty surgery of the caretaker at Geetanagar and aided the tuition fees for another teacher's child.

Past Presidents' Project

The Past Presidents' Project will kick off in July with the tailoring course being arranged for Yasmeen Kamruddin Siddique from Naseoh. Both Past Presidents will be visiting Yasmeen in January to coincide with International Inner Wheel Day.

Theme for the Year


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