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3rd President Nimisha Mirani's Farewell Note

"A year gone by is not only dates on a calendar. It is a collection of events encompassing a whole range of experiences and emotions. In various spheres of life these may not all be good and positive, however in Inner Wheel, they are absolutely colorful, memorable and everlasting.

Such was my journey as President of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview. When I started out, I did not know where the destination was or how would I bridge the distance from start to finish. But here we are at the climax of a very engrossing year, complete with fanciful fellowships (Busaba and Duke's Khandala) engaging meetings (Anita Shantaram and Members Speak), pleasing projects (Badlapur, Softpro and TATA) and lots more.

We may have touched upon or indulged in almost every nuance of the Inner Wheel arena including active participation in the District (Rally, Pinkathon), a glamour studded fund-raiser Prayaas and a vast range of community service projects. Alternatively we publicized Inner Wheel with a range of publications (Candy Store and Roster), outdoor advertising (Prayaas Hoardings) and with online media (Facebook and Website).

Unstinted support from members and faith and largesse in philanthropy from ardent supporters were the key ingredients that resulted in the success of the year. We had a good run at the District Awards and were sufficiently recognized for the efforts we put in. So very reassuring!

Honestly, I have received more than I put in, more than I ever imagined or bargained for. An experience I will not want to trade for all the happiness in the world. Thank you Inner Wheel and thank you Bayview. You are very special and I wish you all the best and every success in every endeavor you undertake.

Wishing President Rajni lots of luck and success."

Creative Designer
Birthday: 18-October
Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 26

+91 98212 11766

Shivabhakta Adivasi School, Badlapur

An artist / painter
Birthday: 27-October
Tardeo, Mumbai 4

+91 98200 78379

Food Sewa at TATA cancer hospital

Home Maker
Birthday: 26-October
Peddar Road, Mumbai 26

+91 98210 34620

Organic Kitchen Garden at Naunihal

Interior Designer
Birthday: 24-March
Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 26

+91 98205 01970

Environment & Empowerment

Accesory Designer
Birthday: 24-July
Churchgate - East, Mumbai 20

+91 98208 51069

Prayaas - Ek Aas, Kuch Khaas

Tarot Card Reader
Birthday: 27-April
Prabhadevi, Mumbai 25

+91 98200 74103

Teambuilding and Universal Unity

Preschool Principal
Birthday: 25-July
Santacruz - West, Mumbai 54

+91 98702 80202

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